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My inspiration comes from travel, sports cars and the fascination for the beauty of nature”


icoline started painting enthusiastically about 25 years ago, together with her mother. After she gave birth to her lovely daughter Divina and son Dario (twins), she prioritized caring for her family and working in the family business.

She’s always loved art and has been very passionate about all kinds of beautiful things in life: nature, animals, music, art, dancing, sports cars, and so on. An unstoppable urge to start creating made her pick up painting again. She became fascinated by acrylic painting and resin art techniques. Nicoline loves to experiment with different structures and materials.

The white canvas is like a clean slate, the tabula rasa, or the unobstructed, open window from which everything becomes possible. Paint and other materials are the tools or keys to turning her inspiration into reality.

The combination of structure and resin in her work represents yin and yang, the ups and downs, or the rough and soft energies that make life interesting. She loves the two opposing materials. The glossy effect of the resin she uses gives more intensity to the colors of the paintings, exactly as life should be.

To feel that she can create is what makes her clock tick and makes her feel alive. The calmness, satisfaction, and feeling of creative freedom are what makes Nicoline feel grateful. At night or during her meditation, she gets visions of the colors she wants to use in her new projects. Inspiration comes from traveling, sports cars and a fascination for the beauty of nature. She’s sold many paintings in Spain, Belgium, and France.

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